What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is a part of the Internet where a user can anonymously access non-indexed content using various encryption methods. Although the Dark Web is popularly associated with illegal activities, the dark web is also used by the intelligence community, whistleblowers, the media and ordinary citizens whose communication may be controlled or restricted by the government.

The Open Web (Surface Web) includes any publicly available content that is indexed by search engines. Page is in an open network are displayed in the search results Yandex and Google. The Open Web accounts for only 4% of the content on the Internet.

Deep Web includes non-indexed content that cannot be found using a search engine.

Deep Web contains sites with paid access or login credentials. The Deep Web includes closed profiles in social networks, emails, corporate resources, secret documents and paid services. The deep Web accounts for more than 90% of online content and is not accessible through search engines.

Dark Web. The dark Web is not regulated by the state and allows the user to remain anonymous using special encryption and routing methods. Dark Web is managed and maintained by users all over the world. Thousands of volunteers manage proxy servers to route requests to the Dark Web. In addition, no one is responsible for compliance with the rules. Therefore, the dark web is a valuable tool for cybercriminals.